A Root Cause of Mental Illness: Harvard Professor

Michelle Standlee What Causes Mental Illness? For years, this pressing question has remained unanswered. Often, patients seeking clarity encounter explanations such as “it’s genetic” or “depression is a lack of serotonin.” Mental illness has been an enigma and point of confusion for many researchers and scientists. Despite medical advances, the root cause of mental illness has […]

Ontological and Existential Shock

Further Thoughts Regarding Psychological Betrayal and Manipulation Words, Thought, and Psychology Words matter. They are tools that can help us to think, to become aware, to process experiences and derive meaning. They can also be used as weapons, which is primarily what fifth generation warfare is all about; forging swords from language. Knowing the power […]

Parents More Likely To Question Routine Childhood Vaccinations Post-COVID: Research Report

Child receiving a vaccine

Authored by Marnie Cathcart via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Canadian parents have become more likely to question routine childhood vaccinations since the pandemic, according to research. Immunization rates “have declined since COVID-19” according to research commissioned by the federal government and conducted by Ekos Research Associates. The resulting report, “Childhood Vaccination Marketing Campaign Survey 2022,” […]

COVID Lockdowns Altered Kids’ Gut Microbiomes — Here’s Why That’s a Problem

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at a glance: As reported by The Atlantic in early November, children who aren’t exposed to germs on a regular basis have different microbiomes than those who are. In April 2021, a year into widespread COVID-19 lockdowns and the obsessive focus on antibacterials, microbiologist Brett Finlay predicted that “five years from now […]

The Teen Girls Aren’t Going to Forget

‘It’s like a sci-fi show where people went to sleep and woke up two years later.’ Lockdown is over, but the scars of isolation aren’t going away. Suzy Weiss Apr 5 Lily May Holland, 16, remembers the long, lonely days during lockdown when her parents, both doctors, were at work. She’d watch “Gilmore Girls” and […]