South Korean Inventor Creates ‘Third Eye’ as a Warning to “Smartphone Zombies”

Device warns cellphone obsessives if they are about to bump into something.

Paeng Min-wook’s ‘The Third Eye’ is basically a sophisticated robotic eyeball that users strap to their forehead which warns them if they are about to bump into something.

“Paeng’s invention uses a gyro sensor to measure the oblique angle of the user’s neck and an ultrasonic sensor to calculate the distance between the robotic eye and any obstacles. Both sensors are linked to an open-source single-board microcontroller, with battery pack,” reports Reuters.

When the user gets within 2 meters of another object, an audible beep warns them to take evasive action.

The South Korean made it clear that his invention was a “satirical” sideswipe at the dystopian levels of smartphone obsession now seen amongst young people.

“As we cannot take our eyes off from smartphones, the extra eye will be needed in future,” he said.

“By presenting this satirical solution, I hope people would recognize the severity of their gadget addiction and look back at themselves.”

As we document in the video below, smartphone addiction continues to be a source of depression and atomization for young people, many of whom have become dopamine junkies left unable to form actual human bonds in the real world.

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