Psychology, Psychotherapy and Mental Wellness

About Conference Following the tradition of successful events held in North & South Americas and with the magnificent success and overwhelming response, we are privileged to announce PSYCHOLOGY 2020 titled “30th International Conference on Psychology, Psychotherapy and Mental Wellness” which is scheduled on August 31-September 01, 2020 London, UK. The aim of this conference is […]

6th World Congress on Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management

Effortful opportunities and forthcoming research conclusions to treat Anxiety, Depression and Stress. – stressmanagement2019 Welcome Message Sessions/Tracks Market Analysis About Conference Welcome Message   To take the utmost privilege and honor to invite and welcome you to the 6th WORLD CONGRESS ON ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and STRESS MANAGEMENT, from March 18-19, 2019 in London, UK.

Schizoaffective disorder has two parts!?

What is schizoaffective disorder? You may be given a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder if you experience: psychotic symptoms, similar to schizophrenia, and mood symptoms of bipolar disorder, and you have both types of symptoms at the same time or within two weeks of each other The word schizoaffective has two parts: ‘schizo–‘ refers to psychotic symptoms ‘–affective’ refers to mood symptoms […]

Five things about frontotemporal dementia!

Five things you may not know about frontotemporal dementia By Claire Lucas from  Science News  on 25 September 2017 17 In awareness-raising messages about dementia, the spotlight typically rests on Alzheimer’s disease as the most common cause of dementia, helping people to learn more about the condition and working to break down the stigma that surrounds it. However, at Alzheimer’s […]