5th International Conference on Parkinson’s disease and Movement Disorders

Parkinson 2018 Parkinson’s 2018 Organising Committee, invites all the participants from all over the world to attend the Parkinson’s 2018 conference entitled “5th International conference on Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders” during October 19-20, 2018 in New York, USA. This gathering is predominantly will focus the most recent and energizing developments in each range of Parkinson’s research, and it will […]

The DSM-5 criteria for rumination disorder

Rumination disorder involves the regular regurgitation of food that occurs for at least one month. Regurgitated food may be re-chewed, re-swallowed, or spit out. Typically, when someone regurgitates their food, they do not appear to be making an effort, nor do they appear to be stressed, upset, or disgusted. DIAGNOSTIC CRITERIA The DSM-5 criteria for […]

What type of brain disorder caused by a lack of vitamin B-1?

What is Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS)? Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (WKS) is a type of brain disorder caused by a lack of vitamin B-1, or thiamine. The syndrome is actually two separate conditions that can occur at the same time, Wernicke’s disease (WD) and Korsakoff syndrome. Usually, people get the symptoms of WD first. WD is also known […]